Venetian Polished Plastering

Venetian polished plaster is a lime-based plaster with added marble dust. It gives a water-resistant, durable and beautiful finish and can be applied to most surfaces.

A complete range of colours and shades are available, allowing it to complement any colour scheme required.

The final layers are applied very thinly. If contrasting colours are used, this results in a three dimensional effect, the light interacting with the surface and giving a ‘marbled’ appearance.

A special trowel is used to burnish the surface giving a beautiful sheen that can subsequently be treated with various soaps and waxes to impart higher levels of gloss if desired.

Benefits of this process include:

  • Water-resistant, suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Gorgeous, unblemished surfaces – no grout lines!
  • Naturally anti-bacterial due to lime content.
  • Everything from a soft sheen to a high gloss finish.
  • A ‘greener’ alternative to cements and gypsum plasters.
  • Why fit tiles when you could have a beautiful, hand crafted alternative?

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